Defiance, St. Maximilian Kolbe Deanery

Weather Advisories & Mass Guidelines


Level 1 Snow Emergency

Use Extreme Caution. Masses will be celebrated at all Deanery locations.

Elderly are advised not to attend Mass.


Level 2 Snow Emergency

Necessary Travel Only If you have to drive to get to Mass, DO NOT attend Mass.

Elderly do not attend Mass.

Masses will be celebrated where your Priest resides (Defiance, New Bavaria, Paulding, and St. Michael Ridge) for those in the nearby area who may be able to walk to Church.


Non-residential parishes (Marysdale & Delaware Band, Payne, Antwerp, Holgate,

and Hamlier) no Mass.


Level 3 Snow Emergency-

Emergency Vehicles Only, all others will be arrested

Catholic Churches within that geographic region will cancel the scheduled Mass - Saturday Vigil, Sunday, Holy Day and weekday Masses.


Check local media, parish webpages and friends for other Mass information.


Level 3 Snow Emergency Guidelines from the Diocese of Toledo

Whenever a county/city within the Diocese of Toledo is placed under a Level 3 Snow Emergency, during which all roadways are closed to non-emergency personnel, the Catholic Churches within that geographic region will cancel the scheduled Saturday Vigil, Sunday, or Holy Day Masses. Roman Catholics in that region, therefore, are dispensed from the obligation to attend Mass. If Masses are cancelled, Catholics are encouraged to participate in Holy Mass via television, radio, or internet, making a spiritual Communion. When Mass is cancelled, all other diocesan, parish, or school events in that geographic region are also cancelled.