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May 9, 2021

May 2, 2021

April 25, 2021

April 18, 2021





April 19, 2021 – April 25, 2021


Monday, April 19, 2021

     *No Mass


Tuesday, April 20, 2021

    *Confession                                                                            6:30 PM

    *Mass – St. Isidore / Delaware Bend                                 7:00 PM

                                  “Mass Intentions”

                          Dave Mohr by Barb Mann


Wednesday, April 21, 2021

    *Adoration & Confession                                                     6:00 PM

     *Mass – St. Michael’s Ridge                                               6:30 PM

                                  “Mass Intentions”

              Frances Stehulak by Carl & Nancy Stehulak


Thursday, April 22, 2021

     *Confession                                                                           8:30 AM

    *Mass- St. Isidore/Marysdale                                             9:00 AM

                                   “Mass Intentions”

              Mapha Schaadt by Randy & Christine Yoder


Friday, April 23, 2021

   *Mass – St. Michael’s Ridge                                               9:00 AM

                                   “Mass Intentions”

              Virginia & Robert Rath by Robyn Hawkins


Saturday, April 24, 2021

    *Confession                                                                          3:45 PM

    *Mass - St. Isidore / Delaware Bend                                4:30 PM

                                    “Mass Intentions”

                Vera Breckler by Ed & Deb Schmieman

    *Mass - St. Michael’s Ridge                                               6:30 PM

                                     “Mass Intentions”

                      Richard “Dick” Kahle by Edna Kahle


Sunday, April 25, 2021

    *Mass - St. Michael’s Ridge                                               8:30 AM

                                     “Mass Intentions”

                 Paul Rose by Richard & Mary Rose Family

    *Mass - St. Isidore / Marysdale                                      10:00 AM

                                     “Mass Intentions”

            Nelson & Bonnie Carder by Zach & Kyla Carder



Liturgical Schedule

April 25, 2021

Third Sunday of Easter


   6:30PM                                           8:30AM

   Lector:                                               Lector:

   Linda Wagner                                    Tom Elberson


   Extraordinary Minister:                 Extraordinary Minister:

   Phil Meyer                                         Mary Ann Benecke


   Servers:                                             Servers:

   Dave Durham                                     Nick Rohrs

                                                              Ellie Rose


                                                              Minister to Shut-Ins

                                                              Jeff Weber





St. Mike’s – Reconciliation, Adoration and Benediction at Wednesday 6 p.m.


St. Isidore/The Bend – Reconciliation on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. and Saturday at 3:45 p.m.


St. Isidore/Marysdale – Reconciliation at 8:30 a.m. on Thursdays           






Mike Ricica, Val Barber, Anita Bertsch, Cathy Farber, Mark Schafer, Eric Bennett, Thayer Herr, Brandi Mickelson, Jack Long, Chad Giesige, Denny Fronk, Betty Adelman and Jean Keller, (Sisters to Anita Bertsch), Dan Miller, Joe Wagner, Jackson Fortman, Shawn Fortman, R.J. Fortman, Rosanne Fisher, Michael Grieselding, Fr. Bob Holden, Marisa Larimer and Fr. Bob Kill.

*Email Kacee Weber at to update prayer list*



Dear Parishioners and Friends of St. Isidore and St. Michael Parishes,

Many of you know that I am a Detroit Tigers fan.  It goes back to the days of Rocky Colivito. He was traded from the Indians to the Tigers. My dad switched allegiances and so I did also. (by the way Rocky Colivito is the only major leaguer who hit four home runs off of four different pitchers in one game).

I was anxious to get the season started and the first series was with Cleveland.  It snowed opening day, so much so, that the great slugger Cabrera couldn’t see if he hit a homerun.  It was great satisfaction to see the Tigers win the series since they didn’t win one game over the Indians last year.  The second series they were back to the old Tigers.

Once when I was bragging about the Tigers, a youngster came up and asked what sport I liked better, football or baseball.  My answer was immediately baseball. There are many reasons.  Football is easier to watch on television but baseball is better in person.  You need to watch the subtleties of the game and therefore you have to watch the whole field.  Go to a football field and it is better to bring binoculars.  Baseball has no penalties.  A homerun is a homerun and you cheer.  In football you look for flags.  In baseball there is no pass interference.  In football, no one knows what pass interference is. Its part judgement, part acting, mostly accident or if the ref wants to teach you a lesson.  Baseball has no clock so that if one is three or more runs behind, one can still make a comeback.  Football is played best full of adrenaline and anger.  Moderation seldom finds a place.  Almost every act of baseball is a blending of effort and control; too much of either is fatal.  Football’s real problem is not that it glorifies violence (which it does) but it offers no successful alternative to violence.  In baseball, there is a choice of methods:  the change-up or knuckleball, the bunt or the hit and run.

Probably though is that growing up on the farm, I had my transistor radio (ask your dad what that was) and listened to Ernie Harwell on WJR.  Those summer nights a gang of us would play into the dark and then talk about Rocky Colivito and Al Kaline and Mickey Mantle and Frank Larry and Whitey Ford and many other great players.  Where else would one have a Cal Ripken who ended his streak of 2,632 consecutive games perfectly?  It was neither injury or old age nor lost skill nor bitter controversy.  He just said that it was enough and he did it for the best interests of the team and the future.

Above all baseball inspires poetry.  It enriches the language and the imagination at almost every point of contact.  Football players somewhere in their development learned to talk like football coaches (our goal this week is to contain the fullback and the line of scrimmage). Baseball players say things like, “this pitcher is so bad that when he comes in, the ground crew drags the warning track.”  And who can forget Yogi Berra’s comments.

Baseball above all says spring.  Football says winter is coming.  Maybe that is why Easter is so nice.  It has been a hard winter in the Defiance area especially in February.  The technical damage to the roads and lawns are pretty apparent.  But the days are warmer.  The season has begun and alleluias fill the churches again.  Confirmations are happening and first communions are right around the corner (this weekend at St. Isadore we are having them).  I love the old Easter songs being pulled out from the music issues and many of you are in good voice.  Hope reigns and the Resurrection is being proclaimed by every plant and human being.  The dog days of summer will come, but right now everything is perfect.  There are no insects eating the new leaves and the flowers are pushing their way to the surface.  It is almost like one can hear the voice of Ernie Harwell again.  By the way even though Detroit won the first series against Cleveland and lost the second one it’s like everything in baseball.  You just don’t know who is the better team.  It’s a long season.  I hope you all enjoy this Easter season.  It is wonderful to see the earth renewing itself and that we are being renewed even though Covid still lurks its ugly head.  And as Yogi once said, “It’s not over till it is over.”  Hopefully see you at Mass or you will see me and your parish community streaming.

In Him,

Fr. Joe

Festival Committee


There will be a festival committee meeting on Wednesday, April 21st at 7:15.




Please know that the scam in email, text messaging and other electronic communications is going on once again. The scam states that Fr. Joe is requesting gift cards, etc.  This is NOT true. Fr. Joe will ask for prayers but he is not asking for any rewards, monies, gift cards, etc.  Please delete these messages!  Thank you!


Collection Envelopes


The 2021 Collection Envelopes are available for pick up at the main entrance of the church.



St. Michael’s Catholic Church, The Ridge

   Collection Recap – 4/11/21






Sunday, April 18

*Grade 1: Balcony – 9:30 - 10:45 a.m.

*Grade 3: Back room in basement – 9:30 - 10:45 a.m.

*Grade 5: Convent (please meet your teacher, Ms. Pahl in the front of church near the organ to walk over as a group) – 9:30 - 10:45 a.m.


Sunday, April 25

*Grade 2: Back room in basement – 9:30 – 10:45 a.m.

*Grade 4: Balcony 9:30 – 10:45 a.m.

*High School: Front room in basement 9:30 – 11:00 a.m. (Last Class)


Wednesday, April 28

Grade 2 – Retreat for 2nd graders and parents

Grades 6-7 – NO CLASS due to retreat


Sunday, May 2

First Communion – NO CLASSES


First Communion Mass


Due the higher number of people returning to regular mass on Sundays and the high number of expected attendees at the First Communion mass, it was decided that the First Communion mass on Sunday, May 2, for our 2nd graders should be separate.  Fr. Joe and Mary Jo felt this was in the best interests for the safety of our parishioners, guests and 2nd graders.  The new time for First Communion is 11:30 AM on Sunday, May 2.


First Communion Retreat


On Wednesday, April 28, there will be a retreat for 2nd graders and their parents.  The retreat will take place in the basement from 6:00-8:30 PM.  This is a special one-on-one time with your 2nd grader so we ask that ONLY the 2nd grader and their parents attend this retreat and that other siblings be left in the care of others.



Rice Bowls


The time has come to return the rice bowls that you were given at the beginning of Lent.  You have made sacrifices, offered prayers, and placed your offering in your bowl.  We will be collecting these bowls over the next few weeks.  The deadline for turning in rice bowls is April 25th. We will place the collection box at the entrance of the church.  You may also return it to your teacher or Mrs. Beilharz.


Thank you for contributing to this worthwhile cause!



Attention Students

Training will begin soon for any students who would like to Altar Serve who are in 4th grade and older, including high school.

If you would like to Serve at Mass (Altar Servers assist at Holy Mass), you may contact either Chris or Karen Newton to set a date and time for training.
You may call or text at 419-576-0728 (Chris) or 419-576-0727 (Karen) or email

What it means “TO SERVE”

Ø  Honor

Ø  Responsibility

Ø  Reverence

Ø  Thank you for your willingness to serve Jesus and the people of St. Michael’s.


CCD Tuition Payments

Tuition payments for children in Religious Education are $25 per child (up to 3 children). The 4th child and beyond are free. Please make checks payable to St. Michael’s Catholic Church and place your check in an envelope clearly marked with the name of your child(ren) and grade(s). You may give the envelope to your child’s teacher or place it in the collection basket at the back of church. Thanks to all who have paid so far!


Remind App Reminder


This is a gentle reminder to parents to sign up for the Remind notifications. This app will be used to communicate any changes regarding updates, closings, class schedules, etc. Parents may also use the app to communicate with their child’s catechist. Contact Mary Jo Beilharz at 419-783-1549 for help signing up.




Parish Hall Pledge Form

St. Michael’s Ridge Volunteer List

2021 Church Year


Heart of the Nation Mass broadcast schedule


Annunciation Radio 2021 Spring Sharathon


Annunciation Radio’s Spring Sharathon is coming up! Listen and pledge April 27th-30th and help us continue providing Catholic programming to listeners throughout our Toledo Diocese. In these difficult times, we need to make sure we have the operating funds to carry us to the fall.  Call during the Sharathon, or make a secure online donation now at or on our mobile app.  Annunciation Radio serves listeners throughout the diocese of Toledo.


89.7 Toledo, 88.1 Sandusky, 89.9 Bryan, 89.5 Mansfield, 90.9 Willard




Evan Bostelman                   April 20

Connie Flory                        April 23


 St. Michael’s & St. John’s Campout


This year’s campout will be held June 4-6 at Hickory Acres Campground in Edgerton, Ohio.  We have 16 spots reserved and your deposit must be paid by April 1.  Please mention “Stykemain” as our reservation group name. 


Hickory Acres Campground

1240 Ridenour Rd.

Edgerton, Ohio 43517




Drive Thru Fish Fry


Knights of Columbus Council #1039

111 Elliott Road, Defiance, OH (419-782-3536)


April 23, 2021

Carry Out Only


Dinner served 4pm – 7pm


Fish, scalloped potatoes, and green beans


Drive through for contactless delivery.

Sorry, no ALL-FISH dinners

No pints of side dishes