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August 25, 2019

August 18, 2019

August 11, 2019

August 4, 2019





August 12, 2019 – August 18, 2019

Mon. – August 12, 2019

* No Mass

Tues. – August 13, 2019

* St. Isidore / Delaware Bend    

      Cenacle, Reconciliation, Prayers to St. Philomena           7:00 PM               

* St. Isidore / Delaware Bend                                                         7:45 PM               

               Communion Service by Deacon Scott Graham

 (Fr. Jacob day off due to St. Mike’s festival preperations)

 Wed. – August 14, 2019

* Mass - St. Michael’s Ridge                                                     7:00 PM                 

                              “Mass Intentions”

         Robert & Virginia Rath by Robyn Hawkins

 Thur. – August 15, 2019 (Holy Day of Obligation)

* Mass - St. Isidore / Marysdale                                             9:00 AM                 

                              “Mass Intentions”

                      Karen Brown by Deb Kolb

* Mass - St. Isidore / Delaware Bend                                   7:00 PM                 

                              “Mass Intentions”

                 Dave Mohr by Jeff & Jane Meyer

Fri. – August 16, 2019

* Mass - St. Michael’s Ridge                                                  9:00 AM                 

                              “Mass Intentions”

                               Carmen Wagner

 Sat. – August 17, 2019 

 * Mass - St. Isidore / Delaware Bend                                 4:30 PM                 

                              “Mass Intentions”

              Keith Baird by Bob & Heather Miller

* Mass - St. Michael’s Ridge                                                6:30 PM                 

                              “Mass Intentions”

                                  Jerry Meyer

Sun. – August 18, 2019

*Mass - St. Michael’s Ridge                                                8:30 AM

                                       “Mass Intention”

Marion & Albert Mekus by Darrell & Ann Branham

*Mass - St. Isidore / Marysdale                                       10:00AM

                                “Mass Intention”

             Dennis Smith by John Hesselschwardt


                     August 17/18, 2019

     20th Sunday in Ordinary Time

   Saturday 6:30 PM                                                   Sunday 8:30 AM

 Extraordinary Minister:                       Extraordinary Minister:

      Sue Beck                                                                  Kent Beilharz

      Tom Beck                                                                Amber Flory

      Deacon Scott                                                           Katie Weber

                                                                                        Carl Stehulak

                                                                                        Deacon Scott                        

 Lector:                                                     Lector:

       Linda Wagner                                                        Nancy Stehulak                    

 Servers:                                                   Servers:

       Chris Newton                                                         Lily Burkholder

                                                                                         Ellie Rose

                                                                                         Emma Bailey


 Minister to Shut-Ins:                        Carl Stehulak


 Collection Counters:                    Kevin & Jackie Hoschak



Daily Prayers

Anita Bertsch, Tom Ricica, Mark Schafer,Thayer Herr,

Frances Stehulak, Larry Schafer, Pam Kaiser,

Brandi Mickelson, Mary Wagner, Chad Giesige,

Denny Fronk, Betty Adelman and Jean Keller,

(Sisters to Anita Bertsch), Dan Miller, Joe Wagner,

Jackson Fortman, Shawn Fortman, R.J. Fortman,

Rosanne Fisher, Michael Grieselding, Holly Garmyn,

Fr. Bob Holden, Marisa Larimer, Brooke (Liska) Homier, and Fr. Bob Kill


**Call Dan Weber @ 438-5841 to update prayer list**



August 10th – August 16th, 2019

Carol Singer

Joan Wagner

Marc & Patti Sawyer

Dave & Kim Keber and Family

Ann Beck



  Greetings in Christ,

        Thank you to all the people who served and participated in the Hog Roast last Sunday at St. Isidore Parish. And thank you to all the people who are serving and participating at the St. Michael’s Festival this weekend. What a blessing to share a feast, fellowship, and food with family and friends!

Thank you to Fr. Brian Shininger of the Legionnaires of Christ for covering weekend Masses at St. Isidore as he visits with family. It is a blessing when parishes send their sons and daughters to serve the families of the Church in priesthood and religious life. Fr. Brian is currently serving in the San Francisco area. Let us pray for him and all the people he serves. 

        If you are looking for some good reading, you may want to read the Letter to Priests from Pope Francis dated August 4, 2019.  It is a letter that could be read by anyone and it gives hope and encouragement to believers today.  Also, Archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia has recently written an important letter addressing the recent shootings that have happened in our country[1].  Let us continue to pray for healing of the culture of death in our nation. The culture of death is the work of demons; they want to divide and destroy the human race from God and from one another. They want the collapse of family unity and Gospel values. The culture of death is a direct assault on the gift of life, marriage, and family. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He desires to redeem us each day from sin, evil, and death.  He longs to give us life, so that we may all be one as He and the Father are one.  The unity of faith that we share today is crucial for the survival of the Church in the modern age. Men, woman, and children, who profess their faith in Christ face opposition from the secular pagan culture that is growing in America. The witness that I see today from the people in our parishes brings great hope. The prayer and work that we offer each day does have an impact in our relationships with other people who may not want to receive the truth of the Gospel. Our spiritual sacrifices and prayers offered at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass bring new life to us and for the people for whom we offer our lives. Let us continue to pray, hope, and love in the faith we share together, in Christ.

God bless you all, Fr. Jake



  PARISH FINANCES   August 4, 2019


  Sunday Envelopes                                     $2213.00

  Loose                                                               941.23

  Festival - Chicken                                            64.00

  Janitorial                                                           25.00

  Religious Education                                        20.00

  Home Missions                                               15.00

  TOTAL                                                         $3278.23  


   Festival Chicken Year-to-date                                          $1182.00   


   Collection counters:               Dave Keber, Jim & Joan Harris     


            Parish Center Fund Drive

  Cash Collected to Date:                         $503,131.00

  Uncollected Pledges to Date:                182,732.26

  Total Toward Goal:                                 685,863.36

  Remaining to Meet Goal:                     $274,136.64


Mass Intentions:

    Would you like to have a Mass said for

    someone you know? For more information

    you may call one of the following:

St. Isidore Mass Intentions – Mass intentions for

St. Isidore should be directed to Melissa Moninger

at 419-789-3780 (call/text). The donation can be given

to her directly or put in an envelope with her name on

it and placed in the collection basket.


Mass intentions for St. Michael’s – Please contact

Karen Newton to schedule a Mass intention at

St. Michael’s Ridge at 419-428-4585 or cell

(419-576-0727) or

The donation can be given to Kent Beilharz directly

or put in an envelope with his name on it and placed

in the collection basket. 


St. Michael’s Ridge 116th Annual Festival

Sunday August 11, 2019

The festival is one of the biggest fund raisers for our church and it takes our entire church community to pull it together. You will see in your collection envelopes that we are starting to collect donations for the festival chicken the weekend of July 7th. If you do not have the church provided donation envelopes, you can still donate by putting your donation in a blank envelope marked for Festival Chicken. We will be collecting these donations all the way up until the weekend of the festival. Please keep your calendars open for the week prior to the Festival for festival prep and especially on August 11th for the big event.

Thanks in Advance the Festival Committee

(Eric Weber, Kevin & Jackie Hoschak, Terry & Janet Wagner, Joan McBride, Grace Mangas,

Bob & Chris Weber, Jim Hall, Leslie Flory, Alicia Little, Kent Beilharz)


            Festival Timeline:


Tue, August 6:     Cut bread for dressing - 6:00 pm

Wed, August 7:    Bring in vegetables

Thur, August 8:   Bring in vegetables

Fri, August 9:       Cut up cabbage – 9:00 am

                     Set-up tents with tables, chairs,

                               etc. – 6:30pm till ???

                 Many hands make light work!!

Sat, August 10:     Peel potatoes – 8:00 am

                               Finish setting up

Sun, August 11:    Festival day

Mon, August 12:   Final clean up – 8:00 am

                 Everyone is welcomed to help!!                    



Festival Raffle

This year’s Raffle tickets are now available in the back of the church. Please pick up your envelope with your name on it and choose to either sell them to others or you may simply purchase them yourself. (This just might be your lucky year!)

This year we won’t have Anita Bertsch (our big seller, 125 books / 3000 tickets) so we will need some extra help to sell more tickets.

As always, your support is greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Your Festival Committee


                      CHICKEN DONATION

There is an envelope in your offering packet which is marked “CHICKEN DONATION”. This is to help defray the cost for our festival dinner. If you don’t use the Sunday Envelope, simply just mark an envelope as “Festival Chicken” and sign your name to receive credit. You are asked to donate what you can, however the suggested donation is $12.00, but any amount is appreciated.

Please pick up your raffle tickets from the back of the Church.

There is parking in the grass behind the barn for the workers.

Many Thanks, Your Festival Committee



Sun. Sept 8, 2019

* Catechist Meeting – 9:30 am

Sun. Sept 15, 2019

* Commissioning of Catechists during Sunday Mass

* Classes begin for Grades 1-6 (Grades 1-6 begins with singing practice in church after 8:30 Mass, dismissal at 10:45)

* Confirmation Class begins: 9:30 – 11:15 am

Sun. Sept 22, 2019

* Preschool: During 8:30 Mass

* Grades 1-6: 9:30-10:45

* High School Class Begins: 9:30 – 11:00 am

Sun. Sept 29, 2019

* Preschool: During 8:30 Mass

* Grades 1-6: 9:30-10:45

* Confirmation to the “NET” Retreat at St. Mary’s:

                                                                            (8:30 – 4:00)



Parish Hall Pledge Form

St. Michael’s Ridge Volunteer List

2019 Church Year

Heart of the Nation Mass broadcast schedule


Spanish Masses in our area:

* Napoleon-Spanish Mass 2nd Sunday of every

month at 1:00 p.m.

* Paulding-Spanish Mass 1st Thursday of every

month at 7:30p.m., Confessions start at 7:00p.m.

* Wauseon-Spanish Rosary every Sunday at 5p.m.


August 10th – August 16th


Happy 57th Anniversary!


Ronald & Rosanne Fisher       August 11th


Glandorf-Saint John-All Things Catholic



Knights of Columbus

111 Elliott Rd. Defiance, OH

Sunday, September 1, 2019

“First Sunday of the Month”

Serving from 9:00-11:00AM

Pancakes, Ham, Sausage,

Potato Casserole, Biscuits & Gravy,

Cinnamon Rolls, Scrambled Eggs, and

Beverages-Coffee, Ice-Tea, Juice

Adult-$7.50, Senior Citizen -$6.50, Age 6-12-$4.00,

Age 5 & Under-FREE”

Rolls-to-go (if we have them) .75 cents each

*The Knights of Columbus serving and Supporting families, churches, schools, and communities*