Lectors      St. Michael’s Ridge Catholic Church



Ron Clinger                       782-0178

Tom Elberson                   497-2010                          TLElberson@live.com

Ron Fisher                        445-2242

Judy Hoschak                   419-576-0892

Bobbie Johnson                682-4202                          djrental@centurylink.net

Kim Keber                         497-3493

Kristen Lauber                  445-1448                          krisl@rtecexpress.net

Karen Newton                   428-4585                          cknewton@defnet.com

Mike Rieke                        267-3305

Ed Singer                          782-0718                          edward.g.singer@gmail.com                                       

Janet Wagner                   497-5495

Linda Wagner                   419-770-3025                   gram10X@inbox.com

Jenny Weber                    789-9562


If you are not able to serve at your assigned time, please find a substitute.  If all else fails, contact me.  Thank you for your service to our parish family!


** Tammie Rettig                636-5953                         tkrettig@gmail.com



updated March 2015